Audio bits n bobs

I’ve been asked many times by both seasoned professionals and new engineers what stuff I use and recommend.

I’ll update this page from time to time, but here it is, in no particular order, the items I use/prefer to use, what I own and what I recommend. Sometimes these items will conflict, but you will find if you ask me I’ll usually recommend these same items over and over again.

I work Live and in the Studio and most of these items crossover to each area.

Anyway enjoy my list, recommend it to others and feel free to message me, or have an online discussion about my choices, good and bad.

Damien's Plugins

Updated 20 Feb 2024

Free Plugins – * Not all of these are still free…

MStereo Scope
YLM 2 Lufs Meter
HorNet Freqs – Analyser
Ben Schultz JP-ME-1 – SPX ish reverb
Rhodes V-Pan
Aturia Chorus Jun-6
mv Meter 2 – im sus on this.. I dont believe it
Sound Radix – MuteOMatic – Great to create an auto on/off talkback
TDR – Nova EQ – Dynamic EQ –  Free alternate to ProQ/Waves F6
Acoustica Eminence – just the stereo sperader bit
Hornet Graffio – Distortion
Initial Audio Dynamic EQ – This is a NEW plugin for me and its fantastic.. It also allows expansion—- get it while you can. 

Paid Plugins

SSL Native V6 Buss Comp
PA BX 2098 EQ
FabFilter Pro Q 3 – Get out of jail free card – great dynamic EQ
BX True Peak Limiter
SoundToys – Super Plate 
echo boy jr
Little Plate
Soothe 2
BX SSL 9000 J – nice and fat – my drum channel
BX Lindell 80 Channel – Rocks on elec gtrs
PA Amek 9099
Relab LX480 Reverb – Better than the lexicon revs and the UAD lex..
Seventh Heaven – Just get this and thank me later..
Oxford Drum Gate – WOW
Waves Mondo Mod – The ONLY W branded plug I use
Softube TSAR
Melodyne – Doing it right
AutoTune – quick n nasty
Over Loud – Gem Mod – Dim D
Over Loud TH-U Rock Guy – Rocktron Rack
Softube Fix Phaser
Steven Slate – Trigger & SSD with blackbird libraries
TC Polytune

DSP / UAD Plugins

ATR 102 – 2 Trk Tape
CurveBender – Softube – available via softube non UAD
UAD Precision Limiter
LA2 / Bundle
Harrison 32C – One of the best hats/cyms eq
DBX 160
SSL 4000 E – “crunchs as it should, no others I’ve used do this”
API Vision Channel Strip – Nice weight and Snap on Drums
EMT 140
Roland RE-201 Chorus

Software Instruments

Falcon – U1250 ,Darklight IIx, Digital Synstations
Argumented Strings,
BBC Orchestra,
Labs,Lots of cool stuff
Skaka – Percussion

Studio hardware – Items I haven’t been able to replace with software* This EXCLUDES input/tracking & processing items.

SPX 90 – Pitch, Snare crunchy rock Reverb
Mozztronics Reamp 
Mozztronics Bp1Ampeg style Bass Pre
Mozztronics VP1 JCM 800 style Gtr pre
Mozztronics Gtr Pedal Insert (prototype) – Allows you to use Gtr pedals as inserts

Mics and other bits

Items I use for Studio AND Live work – These are usually in at least 1 of my touring cases



SM57 / Beta 57 (doesn’t sound as good as a 57 but harder to kill)
SM58 – I really DONT Like Beta 58’s

e604 / e904

Neumann – KM184
Nude – Stereo Ribbon
Audix – I5
Carillion Ribbon

KV2 Audio – Acoustic Di, Stereo Di, Mono Di
Mozztronics – DI-2 Valve Di, DI-1 Active DI with Cab Sim, DI-3 Passive Di, Various Pedal Pre/Di (some are prototypes..)

Headphones – Byer DT700 (80 ohm), KZ ZS 10 Pro – in-ear monitors (I hate in-ears)

Focusrite 2in/2 out interface to sun SMAART etc

Apple wireless Router for Ipad/console control
Mixing Station software and Behringer X-Touch with widi (wireless midi) for the Soundcraft UI24

Other fun non mic/Di bits I use live
Mozztronics MOM-2 Muto O Matic (Fantastic mic mute/output switch

LP drum claws
Various Gender Benders, Adaptor leads etc

SONNECT – Sound Bullet – Audio Tester – you dont realise but you NEED one of these.. or 2
Behringer CT100 cable tester
Fluke Multimeter

Items I use for Studio work only/mostly

Neumann – KM84, U87
Mojave MA200, MA100
Beyer M201
Mozztronics – DI-4 – 4 Channel linkinng di with Variable Z
Midas Pre/EQ
DBX 160X
Mozztronics CO3
Avid C|24
UA 110, LA610, 2610
SPX 90, REV 5, SRV2000
Byer 66
Rola 77
Neumann 610’s with sub and alignment
a box full of fantastic Mozztronics and othern pedals

and lots more stuff I’ll add as people remind me of it..

Links to cool stuff / articles etc. These are NOT my videos/articles – all credit goes to the original content creators. 

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How to prepare a song for mixing – I agree with most of this, except the consolidation & eq bits.

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